New Jersey School of Dental Assisting

Discover a new and rewarding career in only 10 weeks.

The dental assisting field is growing. As many dentists devote more of their time to more complex procedures, they will delegate more routine tasks to Dental Assistants.

Dental Assistants perform a variety of important functions in the dental office.

  • Assist the dentist in procedures
  • Make patients feel comfortable
  • Prep patient for treatment
  • Maintain dental records
  • Assist with instruments and materials
  • Sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment
  • Instruct patients on postoperative and oral health care

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If you are interested in getting your dental assistant diploma, look into registering for some of our dental assisting courses.

We make it simple for you to start gaining the dental assistant qualifications that you need to have!

Dental assisting is a fast-growing career and is a great choice for people from all walks of life. Once you earn your dental assistant diploma and find a job, your workdays will be filled with a variety of activities. You can expect to sterilize instruments, prepare patients for procedures, calm nervous clients, assist with certain treatments, and discuss aftercare and follow-up appointments with people. We offer a number of dental assisting courses at our facility. In order to learn more about these classes, and about the dental assistant qualifications you need to possess to find work in this field, contact us to schedule a visit. You will be able to tour our classrooms, meet staff members, and discuss financial matters. We hope that you will decide to be part of our next graduating class!